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Farrow’s commitment to our clients to deliver quality service and flexible solutions is at the core of every decision made by our management team. We strive for excellence and continuous process improvement.  This extends to our commitment to using advances in technology to; improve internal processes, ensure business resiliency, increase the speed of services, ensure security and privacy of information, engage and improve the work lives of our employees, and provide the best in class experiences to our clients.
Farrow’s heritage is steeped in technology innovation.  Our early customs software was not only used by Farrow, but also by the Canadian Government and most border crossings, for decades. Farrow has received numerous technology awards over the years, including the IBM System Innovation Award.  We haven’t waivered from that commitment and continue to invest in and build leading edge technology today.

Customs Clearance Software that’s Easy to Use

Farrow provides accessible, user-friendly customs software that will stream-line your international customs clearance process and procedures.  Manage documentation and track shipments through online customs software applications and self-clearance technology.

Technology to manage your Canadian Imports

The TradeSmartWeb product series is an easy-to-use, self-service online offering that gives you real-time access to your import data. Retrieve shipment details via sophisticated search controls and view up-to-the minute status information. View and download all of your shipment and Customs documents immediately. Run key reports and view the results in PDF format or download the data as a .csv (Excel) file and customize it to your liking.

TradeSmartWeb puts the power in your hands.

Web-based customs Software:

  • Tradesmart Connect – A secure information portal that provides unparalleled visibility to your U.S. or Canadian import data
  • TradeSmartWeb cci – Simplified CCI creation for importers and their vendors
  • TradeSmartWeb eManifest – A web-based tool to assist highway carriers with Canada’s ACI eManifest compliance
  • PARS Tracking – Quick and easy tracking of Canada bound shipments
  • Tradesmart Web – Secure access to real-time Canadian imports shipment tracking, plus on-demand reporting and document image retrieval.

Document Image CDs

Go Paperless! Consistent with our efforts to provide value added services and leading edge technologies, we can archive your customs documentation in electronic format on easy-to-use CDs.

  • Lowered costs with no need to retain and store paper documentation
  • Reduced toll on the environment
  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced search capabilities to streamline document retrieval
  • Easy Payment Options

Simplify your payment process and reduce costs with one of our easy payment options.

Software Support Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services, training options, technical support packages and process consulting to our clients.

Customs Software & Technologies to manage your U.S. Imports

Web-based customs software:

  • PAPS Tracking – Quick and easy tracking of U.S. bound shipments – Enter the Shipment Control Number (SCN) and receive the key status information you need. No need to log in and automated status updates are available by phone or email. This application is also available on mobile devices.
  • Farrow U.S. Reporting – Event notification and reporting for U.S. ground shipments – Easy, online access to your company’s import data with useful management reporting abilities.
  • Farrow U.S. Documents – Import document management – This secure online service gives you quick and easy access to electronic copies of your border shipment documentation.
  • Farrow U.S. Air/Ocean – Event tracking and reporting for U.S. air and ocean shipments – You can access critical customs information for your Air/Ocean shipments in real-time. This unique tool combines easy online access to your company’s air or ocean import data with flexible management reporting abilities.
  • Farrow U.S. eManifest – A web-based tool to assist highway carriers with U.S. ACE eManifest compliance – Farrow U.S. eManifest is a complete, web-based solution that allows carriers and freight forwarders to comply with the ACE requirements for advance eManifest notification prior to arrival at the U.S. border.


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