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Planning, Managing & Optimizing Your Supply Chain

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Solutions tailored to your needs.

Optimizing your supply chain, a never-ending process.

Your customers expect you to deliver what they want, when they want it. If you can achieve that, you’re already halfway to an efficient supply chain. But are you spending too much to obtain results?

The logistics behind your distribution can have a major impact on your bottom line. Streamline your supply chain with our customs and ground transportation solutions.

  • Cut production costs
  • Speed up shipments
  • Reliable & accurate delivery times
  • Correct tariff classifications
  • Eligible refunds applied, such as duty drawbacks

End-to-end solutions for every business

Discover how we can help you develop an efficient supply chain, no matter what you're shipping.

Customs Brokerage

Our brokers help develop regulatory compliance programs to alleviate the stress of learning regulations and dealing with customs officials.

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Customs Consulting

Our customs experts help with compliance reviews, duty drawbacks and customs audits to ensure you meet all trade requirements.

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Ground Transportation

For express, cross-border or domestic transportation, our multiple carrier options and cross-docking capabilities can transport your goods.

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International Freight Forwarding

With a global presence and local expertise, Farrow provides consolidation and distribution of goods to help customize your supply chain.

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Warehousing & Distribution

We have an extensive network of warehouse locations with easy access to key-border crossings, international airports and trade centers.

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Customer Retail

Retailers can cut excess costs and deliver products faster to the consumer.

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Food & Beverage

Your goods are time-sensitive with a limited shelf life. Supply chain management is more complex - our experienced customs consultants can help.

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Apparel & Footwear

Our trusted experts understand preferential tariffs, textile labeling, and the customs requirements around apparel, textiles, and footwear.

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Shipping parts or vehicles? We'll help you with the requirements and can ensure you’re taking advantage of Trade Agreements like USMCA or CETA.

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Reliable delivery services help fulfill time-sensitive orders. Compliant customs brokerage services help you keep your production line moving.

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First-Time & Occasional

Even if you don't import goods on a regular basis, Farrow can help your business optimize your supply chain.

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If you're a frequent importer, Farrow can do for you what we do for hundreds of clients and importers already - ensure your processes are compliant.

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If you have a team of trade specialists handling your imports/exports, talk with Farrow to find additional supply chain efficiencies and cost savings.

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A guide to expanding your business in Canada

Successful expansion into a new market takes a lot of planning and coordination. There are a number of regulatory and logistics hurdles to consider: Customs Compliance, Duty and Tax Liabilities, and Border Security to name a few.

From day one, your reputation is on the line. Take a proactive approach to getting your product to a new market and avoid unnecessary disruptions that may affect your launch.


Want to enhance your supply chain productivity?

No matter your destination, we're ready to optimize your logistics efficiency to save you time and money.


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Ground transportation services by Farrow

Shipments don’t comply to a “one size fits all” approach – neither does ground transportation. Whether you need an express courier service, or LTL / FTL cross border shipping capabilities, our extensive fleet of vehicles are the logistical link you need.

Our quick and reliable transportation services go beyond the U.S. and Canada. We have a comprehensive network of customs partners and freight forwarders to get your shipment to its end destination, anywhere in the world.


Grow your business with our logistics solutions

Get the expert support and service needed to comply with shipping regulations, optimize your supply chain and more.

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Your international trade experts are here to help.

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