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Warehousing & Fulfillment Canada

Warehousing & Fulfillment Canada

In Canada, Farrow‘s Warehousing and Distribution services provide swift and easy access to key border crossings, international airports, key local markets and North American consumers. Reduce complexity and cost, leverage international trade agreements, manage growth and improve your customer experience with Farrow warehousing and brokerage services for a logistics strategy that is optimized to your business priorities.

Our services are suited to Omni-channel order fulfillment. To meet all of your logistics management needs, we offer parcel delivery with all major couriers, less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping, full-truckload (FTL) shipping, and warehousing services in the Greater Toronto Area, and the Greater Vancouver area among others. Utilizing both Toronto and Vancouver warehouses allows Farrow clients to offer 2 day shipping to the vast majority of Canadians.

Let Farrow’s team of Operations and Solution experts take care of both your current and future network modelling and operations optimization. Our expertise and dedication to service means that not only can we help you fulfill orders, we help solidify your reputation with every shipment. Whether you need to ship one order per day or thousands, our experts can tailor a solution that fits with your plans for business growth.

Our logistics and customs expertise, leading-edge technology and exceptional customer service will help you to consolidate your logistics to save time, effort, and costs to achieve your business goals more effectively.


Farrow’s strategically placed warehouse locations in Canada will ease your international logistics challenges, providing swift and easy access to key border crossings, international airports and trade centers.

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  • Order Fulfillment – Solutions for Diverse Sales channels
        • Domestic and International fulfillment
        • Retail and Store Fulfillment
        • B2B Fulfillment
        • E-commerce
        • Pick and Pack
        • Kitting
        • Project & Seasonal Work
  • Specialized Programs – Tailored Solutions
        • Foreign Trade Zone – Specialized sub zone consultation
        • Import Staging / Consolidation / Deconsolidation
        • Vendor Managed Inventory
        • Returns Management
        • Spare Parts Management
  • FTZ and Bonded Warehousing
        • US and Canada
        • Section 321 shipping and Duty Drawback

  • Direct Delivery – Leverage the Farrow Network to reduce cost
        • Cross dock
        • Transload
        • Store Direct
        • Merge in Transit
  • Value Added Services
        • Kitting and Final Assembly
        • Product Inspection and Compliance
        • Labelling
        • Product Rework
  • Network Design and Optimization
        • Network Design
        • Transportation Optimization
        • Inventory Analysis
  • Short and Long-Term Storage


Our licensed trade experts can help.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional international trade services and best practices to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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Reason to Believe occurs whenever an importer has specific information regarding the origin, tariff classification, value for duty or diversion of imported goods that gives the CBSA reason to believe that a declaration is incorrect.

Whenever a shipment is cleared through Customs, an electronic transaction is presented to the CBSA which provides information they need, such as the quantity, description, tariff classification and value of each product in that particular shipment. For an importer, this means you must know as much about your product as possible and be aware of any tariff changes that occur for any products that you regularly import before you ship them.

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There are a number of very important questions importers should keep in mind to ensure they have taken the necessary steps to qualify their goods for entry with NAFTA Benefits.  Many resident and non-resident importers still think that all you have to do to claim NAFTA benefits upon entry is to complete a NAFTA Certificate of Origin, however as advised in this Information Notice, a great deal more is required to qualify goods for NAFTA benefits and to support the claim for those benefits.

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